Stalker’s Guide: Bollywood Superstars Who Have Unwittingly Taken A ‘No’ To Mean A ‘Yes’

Meri mohabbat teri jawaani aa meri rani le ja challa nishani….Akele akele kahaan jaarahee ho humein saath le lo jahaan jaa rahe ho….Thoda ruk jaogi toh tera kya jayeganayan bhar ke dekh lenge chayan aa jayega….Kurta dheela-dheela hai pyjama tang-tang hai….Kahaan chal diye idhar toh aao mere dil ko na thukrao….Ruk jana oh jaana humse dobaaten kar ke chali jaana…Tauba yeh matwali chaal jhuk jaaye phoolon ke daal….

In the 1960s and 70s practically every filmy romance began with persistent courtship . Back then it was not called stalking. It was called ched-chaad, flirting, wooing, teasing(not ‘eve’teasing). Definitions of courtship have undergone a sea-change. You can’t get away with heckling, shoving, pushing,smirking , hissing without being accused of unbecoming behaviour. Here are the superstars who dared it.

Aamir Khan in Dil: When Madhuri Dixit shows her reluctance to ….errrr…..surrender ,Aamir Khan takes matters in his own hands. Watch him humiliate and subjugate her in the song Khambe jaise khadi hai ladki hai yeh phooljhari hai, as the whole of college campus cheers him on. The number in retrospect is a blatant demonstration of mob molestation….Madhuri ‘takes revenge’ by accusing Aamir of raping her. He then threatens to actually carry out the dirty deed, then tells her he is not ‘that kind of a guy’. Madhuripromptly falls in love with the guy because….he doesn’t rape her???!!!

Shah Rukh Khan in Darr/Anjaam:   King Khan chased down Juhi Chawla in Darr andMadhuri Dixit in Anjaam till they were reduced to a blubbering petrified crushed heap of simmering anger frustration and ruination. The alibi ,or escape route was that SRK was the villain of the show. This is an invalid argument. When you are  Shah Rukh Khan you set an example no matter what you play. Luckily in subsequent films Shah Rukh has displayed the utmost respect for his co-stars.He even insists on the female heroes name appearing before his in the credit titles.Nice.

Aamir Khan in Fanaa: That Kajol played a blind girl in Kunal Kohli’s film and that AamirKhan played a tourist guide breaking all protocol by stalking(and getting physical with) a blind tourist, did not matter to the makers of this film. It was business as usual in the gender-challenged entertainment industry.

Govinda In Raja Babu: Never mind he is the village idiot(almost). Never mind she(KarismaKapoor) is village diva(almost). He wants her. He chases her relentlessly and sings double meaning songs . In one of them he raises his kurta and pushes his crotch towards her face. She finally surrenders.Probably to avoid any more obscene overtures.

[tooltip id="4db8f5608d45f5de7881d9bce162f4bf"]Salman Khan">">[/tooltip] In Tere Naam: Salman’s Radhe in this film was compulsively obsessed with the timid girl next door,played by Bhumika Chawla. Along with his group of wastrel friends he chases the girl down, even kidnaps her. The terrified hapless girl finally says yes only because she’s too frightened to say no.

Dhanush In  Raanjhana: This one is among the trickest manifestations of the stalking syndrome seen in Bollywood . In the entire film South star Dhanush does nothing except pursue/chase/hound/accost/ confront Sonam Kapoor.What would this obsessive lover have done to her if Sonam had not finally relented? That would’ve been the acid test.

Varun Dhawan in Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya: He is  a small-towner who gets the hots for the sassy girl from the next town. Varun chases Alia Bhatt down until she abandons her ambition(almost) to become his dulhaniya(fully). Audiences approved. Persistence pays.

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