Stories of Rift With Disha Complete Nonsense,Say Sources Close to Tiger Shroff

There are some disturbing rumours about differences of opinion and conflict of interest cropping up between Disha Patani and her very devoted boyfriend Tiger Shroff.
However sources close to the Shroff family dismiss these stories as “spiteful” and  “motivated”.
Dismissing these rumours as rubbish a source close to the Shroff family says ” We wonder where these rumours are coming from!  Tiger is not a frivolous person .Once committed he  is unlikely to change his mind about a relationship .Tiger is in this relationship with Disha for keeps.”
The source admits the couple has its share of problems. “Tiger has raced far ahead and Disha is only getting there.But there is no clash of interest .Tiger makes sure he has time for Disha and Tiger ‘s family dotes on Disha .This is an absolutely zero-threat relationship.The dirt diggers should look elsewhere,” says the source.

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