“It Was Sussanne Who Urged Hrithik To Speak Out On Kangana.”

While Arnab Goswami laughs all the way  to the TRP bank, the nation wants to know why Hrithik Roshan suddenly decided to speak out against Kangana on Gowsami’s Republic channel.

Looking extremely uncomfortable as he  tried to open up on details of  the allegedly delusional affair with Kangana ,Hrithik seemed  reluctant enough to speak out , almost as if someone was holding a gun to his temple and leading him up the confessional path.

So was Arnab Goswami’s considerable persuasive  powers that did the trick? I ask ,because until a week ago Hrithik in a private conversation told me there was no way he would open up  on the matter.

His words to me : “I don’t want anything to do with it…People don’t need to stand up for me. They need to stand  up for  the truth.”

So what made  him change his mind? No, it wasn’t Arnab. According to sources very close to the Roshans it was  Hrithik’s ex-wife Sussanne who convinced him to go for it.

“Enough was enough and  Sussanne  firmly believes  Kangana is making up all these stories on her alleged relationship with Hrithik. And why should she  not believe  him? When Hrithik had an affair with Barbara Mori he told his wife about it. Now when she’s his ex-wife why would he  hide any affair?” reasons the  source.

So what forces dissolved his resolve to remain reticence?  He was determined  not to speak about it at all. But Sussanne convinced  him  to talk and talk only on one powerful platform where his voice would be heard  loud and clear,” says  the source.

Apparently every word  that we hear Hrithik enunciate before Arnab Goswami has been well thought-out and approved by his legal team

“The Roshans have  had enough. It is  time for them to strike back at Kangana’s allegations.  If there was an affair,prove it. Plain and simple,” says the source.

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