The Sword That Hangs Over Prabhas’ Career

For the Baahubali superstar Prabhas and his young director Sujeethwho are all set to collaborate  on Saaho, the  film is a bigger challenge than just the essential need to do  a decent follow –up to the biggest hit of Indian cinema.

They also have to disprove the myth in the Telugu film industry that all the leading men who work with Rajamouli  deliver duds after giving hits with him.

A  very senior filmmaker from Andhra Pradesh divulges, “It’s  a widely-held belief….silly but scary…that all the heroes who have worked with Rajamouli have faced failures after working with him. Unfortunately  the boxoffice statistics support this grandma’s myth.”

After Jr NTR did Rajamouli’s back-to-back films Student No 1 andSimhadri he faced a number of crippling failures.  Likewise Ravi Tejawho after a blockbuster like  Vikramarkurdu with Rajamouli  faced a  spate of setbacks thereafter.

And Prabhas. After he did Chatrapathi with Rajamouli he followed it up with a disaster  like Pournami in 2007.

Though  no one is saying it aloud, there is a cloud of uncertainty  hanging over Prabhas’s next film  in the trade circles.

Prabhas and Sujeeth are determined to prove the naysayers wrong.

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