Taimur Is Going To Be Part Of Kareena’s Comeback Film

It isn’t for nothing that Taimur has become a star just  some months after his birth. The adorable son of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan was destined to be  a star even before he was born.Here is how.

When Kareena signed up to do the chick flick Veere De Wedding with Sonam Kapoor and her sister  Rhea Kapoor ,Kareena was not expecting Taimur . But then  the pregnancy happened.Kareena gave the Veere De Wedding team two choices: either drop her from  the project or wait for her to become  a mother before shooting.

The Veere De Wedding team came up with a  third option. They  decided to write Kareena’s pregnancy into the plot and shoot the film .That’s how Taimur would have been featured in  the film. But then the film did not take off until now when Taimur is 8 months old.

And so what if he couldn’t make it into Veere De Wedding with his mother during her pregnancy. Sources from Veere De Wedding insist there will be “at least one shot” of Taimur in  the film

“They are working it into the script. Taimur will make an appearance in Veere De Wedding.He is the star on the set. He will be the star of Veere De Wedding as well,” says the source.

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