Tanushree Shares Her Thoughts With Subhash K Jha

Tanushree Dutta, the  harbinger  of  the  MeToo movement in  the Indian entertainment industry , has been  invited to the Harvard  Business  School in Boston  USA as a  guest-speaker.

How does  it feel  being invited to Harvard to speak?

I’m quite excited as it will be a new kind of experience as my audience will be quintessentially American.I’m also a bit nervous as everyone else on the platform is highly accomplished and experienced  so I hope I hold up well.It will mostly be a panel discussion with a few speakers in front of a very intellectual gathering.The entire day will see several such panel discussions on various topics and some very prominent personalities attending.Pray for me!!

When are you planning to return to India?

I’m not sure but whenever God wills.I do always miss my family out here by myself.

You are quite a hermit!

 I’ve pretty much lived like this last 9 years. I’ve gotten used to the solitude and  in fact I now enjoy this space.Of course I experience the limelight when I’m out an an event promoting a brand or making a celebrity appearance or when I am on a  speaking engagement.Like  Harvard which  I’m looking forward  to.

Did you ever expect  the MeToo movement would take  off in India because  of you?

The #metoo movement was just the beginning of me having a social impact.I have a divinely-ordained calling in my life to create a larger impact on human society.I believe I’m here to help wherever help is needed.

Your support for Kangana Ranaut is much talked about do you feel a sense of empathy with her?

Yes,I do.I feel empathy wherever and whenever someone feels cornered in life.Whenever someone puts in sweat and blood and does not get the acceptance and appreciation one deserves I resonate with it.I don’t know why but I felt compelled to write some words of encouragement and appreciation for her.

You do speak your mind fearlessly?

I follow my gut and the prompting of my spirit in all things,small and big.Sometimes God calls us to help and support individuals who may be flawed in their own way .But then who is perfect anyway? We just have to be obedient and follow the prompting of our spirit and expect nothing in return.

How true .Who knows what our true calling in life is?

Yeah.It’s a  process  of self-discovery bit by bit.It reveals itself like a thousand petalled lotus blooming one petal at a time.It takes a lifetime sometimes to know why we are here.Sometimes it just reveals itself in a moment.For me it’s been gradual.

You must write a book on your life changing experience?

Yeah.Someday…too much content there..I’ve had such a fascinating and full life..but there’s more coming up.So it will happen  in time.But I think I should get down to writing something that benefits humanity in some way. Instead of going on about myself…So I started writing a blog,just to share what I’ve learnt,my  perspective on things.You can  read my blog on https://tanushreeduttablog.com.

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