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Tapsee Pannu’s War With Kangana Ranaut Intensifies



It takes very little for Kangana Ranaut and  her  sister Rangoli to get provoked. Their latest  target of scorn is Tapsee Pannu who lately asked—not unfairly I’d say—why  Kangana had not spoken about  the Tapsee starrer Mission Mangal which  was  a film about one  of  Kangana’s favourite  subjects: women’s empowerment.

This was enough to provoke  a scornful retort from Kangana’s sister Rangoli who said, “yeh Madam is attackingKangana everyday,arrey bhai tune kya kiya hai for what we should praise you? 2 mins role in a film lead by AkshayKumar and Vidya Balan. Or playing character roles in Big B films or carrying same confused expression through all your film… kaun sa praise?? Making nasty remarks about a great artist isn’t enough what is there to your credit, youarnt a kid you are also 32 years Kangana’s age, what have you achieved for what we should praise you?? .”

 The  barbs are  direct and hurtful specially  the ones  about Tapsee playing “character  roles” with “confused expressions”

When I asked Tapsee  what was the need to  speak about Ms Ranaut , she answered, “I answer according to the  question asked. If I had  to speak directly about the matter, I wouldn’t have. If someone asks me a question  I will obviously have  to answer.”

Kangana’s sister  already has  a retort  for this.  She  tweeted, “Look at all your interviews only one thing they call you for is to discuss Kangana Ranaut, don’t ask you any other question, show me one question which is about your work or achievements?

One now  hears  the  Mission Mangal team has taken a stand  not to answer  any question  related  to KanganaRanaut.

“It  is  too dangerous,” one member  of Mission Mangal team  told me. “She  may soon start charging  for  every  time  someone mentions her name. She must get her name  copyrighted.”

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