Taxiwala Is Probably The Most ‘Fun’ Film Arjun Reddy Has Done So far, Explains Why

Vijay Deverakonda Has A Third Release  This Year Coming Up Next Week.

Is Taxiwala your most fun film to date or am I imagining things ?

It is  Fun with a  capital F.  I had a ball shooting it.It was hilarious from when I heard it.I was super kicked about performing it. But the best part was, it is different.It isn’t a comedy, the characters aren’t having fun, their suffering is the viewers fun .Does that sound sadistic? But it’s true.Is it most fun? I’ll wait for the audience to tell me that.

This is your  third release in a year. Do you intend to keep up with this volume of work?

I never intended this either.It just happened.  The volume of interesting work that is offered, exciting new talents and big names that are keen to collaborate make it hard to say no. And if this year I have three releases, there may come  a year soon when I have none. If I don’t like any of the scripts, I will say no  to all of them.There is no insecurity  about  my  career.But I am cutting down on work from next year, I want to spend more time on each project from start to finish. Enjoy it. I don’t like the pace I am working at currently.

Your rise as one of the top actors in Telugu cinema has been quite spectacular . how has your life changed during the past two years ?

I’ve been working so much that I haven’t had time to notice what’s happening around me. Maybe  it’s better to not see the change  around me.Do I even need to notice that change is another question I ask myself. I enjoy Doing my work and living my life at my lazy pace.

Nota your last film mapped the rise of a young literate Indian to political power.the same them recurs in the Vijay starrerSarkar? Are we looking at the resurgence of the star politician ?

Both. Arjun is irresponsible with himself, but is responsible with  his girlfriend Preethi and his profession.Nota had me as a responsible politician but an irresponsible young adult.That how we are all as people. Grey.

What is your take on the way the MeToo movement has impacted the Indian film industry ? Are you more guarded with your co- stars than you used to be?

Live and let live.Cause no harm.Mind your own business.Chill and be happy.These are my moral standards, that’s all I’ll hold myself responsible to.Nope,MeToo hasn’t changed my rapport with my co-actors. I am  as chilled-out with them, as they’re with me.I don’t know what impact it has had on the industry, but the concept of harassment anywhere makes me pissed from my core.

Your Arjun Reddy is being remade in Hindi as Kabir Singh your take on the new actor Shahid Kapoor playing your role, and title?

I used to trip on Shahid’s  Ishq Vishq and I struggled for days to get tickets to Kaminey.I  danced my ass off to Dhan-tanaa from Kaminey with my friends behind closed doors.So it’s extremely strange when I think of  the fact that he is playing the role I did. I am sure he will have his own  interpretation. Other than that, I just wish them the best and will wait to watch it like any other member  of  the audience.

What should your fans expect from you in Taxiwala?

Something completely different from everything I’ve done so  far, that’s for sure.This Nov17.

Lough out loud.Scream out loud.

Your next release?

Dear Comrade  with another  new director Bharat  Kamma .The shooting is on  as we speak. In fact I’m being called  for the  next shot.Trying to hit your hearts and emotions hard with this one.

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