Telugu Film Industry Running Scared After Sri Reddy’s Disclosure

Sri Reddy, say informed sources  in the Telugu film  industry, is   just the tip of  the  iceberg. The leading men of Telugu  cinema, specially the married ones, are   running scared, not knowing what will hit them.

Says a well-informed  source from the Telugu film industry, “Promiscuousness and seeking sexual favours is so rampant as to be considered  the  norm  .Heroines are frequently signed  on condition that they will sleep with the director or heroes. So far it has an accepted  form of behaviour in the Telugu entertainment industry. Disclosure was never an option. Now that Sri Reddy has let the cat out of the bag there is fear that the MeToo movement has reached Andhra’s film industry before it has reached Bollywood.”

 A lot of  the powerful hero-filmaker’s  lobby is worried  about who will speak up next and  name and shame the culprit.

“Many heroes and  filmmakers in Andhra can’t even begin to guess who may speak  up as they’ve  been doing this(seeking sexual favours) from so many victims.Where do they start to recall the list of  their supposed  conquests?” said  the source in the know.

Apparently the  list of  chronic-favour seekers  includes some  of  the biggest names  in the Telugu film  industry.And they all fear someone or the other will now do a Sri Reddy on them.

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