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Ten Facts About Kapil Sharma That You May Not Know



1.      Kapil’s father was an upright police man in Amritsar.  He died of cancer before he could see Kapil’s stardom. It was Kapil’s ardent wish to fulfil his father’s dreams.

2.      A  complete Mama’s boy, Kapil missed her sorely when she stayed back in Amritsar while he pursued his career in Mumbai. Now Kapil’s mother stays with him and attends every shooting of Comedy Nights.She doesn’t miss the shooting of a single episode.

3.      Close friends insist rumours of Kapil dating his tv show’s production controller Preeti Simoes are false, and that he will eventually marry the girl chosen by his mother.

4.      Has been a part of the television industry for more than ten years before Comedy Nights With Kapil fell into his clap.

5.      Always wanted to be a singer, not a comedian. Doesn’t miss a single chance to sing on his show , or anywhere else. Will cut an album soon.


6.      Before Comedy Nights Kapil was a trained actor. He even taught drama at a girls’ college in Delhi.

7.      Inherited his sharp sense of humour from his mother. Started his comic journey on a regional channel in Amritsar.Auditioned for Laughter Challenge. Got rejected.Tried again. Was accepted.

8.      Prone to put on weight and has a huge phobia about being overweight.Hence all those jokes about people’s paunches on his show.

9.      Swore to his mother he’d never do anything embarrass  her. Refused to kiss in his first film. Said his mother  won’t like it.

10.  Kapil  will  be  a father soon. His wife Ginny is expecting their  first child.

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