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The Great David Dhawan-Govinda Split



One  of  the  most successful director-actor duos  of  Bollywood are friends  no more. Close friends  of Govinda and  David Dhawan  have known about the Great  Divide  for years . Now the war is out in the open. In  a recent interview to television journalist  Rajat Sharma Govinda has spoken on his rift  with Dhawan  in a  highly sarcastic and critical tone.

  Said Govinda, “I don’t think even his son will do 17 movies with him.. because he is David Dhawan’s son and he’s educated. I didn’t even know the meaning of doing that many movies with an actor. …I did not even treat my relatives the way I treated him. Even my brother is a director but I haven’t done 17 films with him….I don’t know what he was expecting but when I narrated him the concept of Chashme Badoor, he started doing it with Rishi Kapoor, without even keeping me in the loop. When my secretary was in conversation with him, I had changed a little as I left politics. I had asked my secretary to keep the phone on speaker while talking to him, and that’s when I heard, ‘Chi Chi has started questioning way too much. I don’t want to work with him anymore. Ask him to do any small role that he gets’”

While David right refused to react to this belated rant a source close  to David said, “Even David can make  a lot of claims as  to why their friendship soured. And  if Govinda thinks the  17 films  that he  did  with David are reason for  David to be eternally indebted  to  him then  David too  could turn around and say the same. But  he won’t.”

The source adds that  the cause for  Govinda’s  bitterness  is professional jealousy. “Govinda didn’t like it when David began working with other actors like  Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt.It happens with the  best of the  director-star duos.It took Salman  Khan ten  years  to forgive  Sanjay Leela Bhansali for working with Shah Rukh Khan after doing three films with Salman.”

The source says  David is  fine with Govinda’s tirade. 

“It shows  how deeply Govinda cares for David. Only those who are close to you can hurt  you. David  know that. He will reach out to his angry friend once  the temperature cools down,” says  the source.

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