The Headlines That Shook Bollywood In 2018


Bollywood would remember 2018 for  the awakening of  the MeToo movement. It first shook the  foundation of  the  American  film industry. MeToo didn’t quite have  the same  effect on Bollywood. But the overfamiliar attitude of  leading men towards actresses and producers slapping young female strugglers’ thighs for effect,  has  stopped.So the scandals of  the year…

1.     Predators  Of  The MeToo Movement: From Subhash Ghai to Subhash Kapoor, they fell from grace faster than rose petals from a windswept garden.  Harassment-accused Sajid Khan lost his directorial post in the House Full 4 project. Sanskari  actor Alok Nath  proved  himself a lech. While director Vikas Bahl is still trying to figure out the losses. Look what Tanushree Dutta started!

2.     Padmaavat & The  Corny…Sorry Karni Seva: They threatened to cut  off Deepika Padukone’s nose  if the  film was released. The  film was  released  under tight security in  all Indian states except  3. This writer watched  a strictly  private screening of the film in Patna. The next day Karni soldiers demanded to know why I  was allowed to watch the “banned’ film when in  fact the film was not banned in the Bihar state.

3.     Sridevi  Suddenly No More:  The Diva’s death in  Dubai still remains  a  puzzle. How did  she die? The formal explanations have gaping holes. How can a legend  of such spectacular  stature be snuffed so  suddenly? Is there a God? Or  are we dealing with the devil?

4.     Priyanka  Chopra Snubs Salman Khan: Who would dare  to walk out on a Salman starrer, and that too after  persuading him for the role?  We still don’t know  why  and how Priyanka  got herself into this uncomfortable situation when she  turned her back on Salman’s  ambitious  film Bharat. But to take on Salman head-on requires  nerves  of steels. Our Desi girl proved she has what it takes.

5.     Malaika Arora –Arjun  Kapoor come  out :  For years  there were whispers  of their relationship. But now  after  her divorce Malaika Arora(sans Khan) threw all caution  to the winds and  came out in the open with  the new guy in her life. And  never mind if Arjun  Kapoor is 10 years her junior.

6.     Arjun Rampal-Mehr Jessia  Part ways:  They were together as Man  & Wife for  20 years. Then one fine day…poof! Apparently Arjun is now dating Serbian model  Natasa  Stankovic. The universe  not only moves  in  mysterious ways, it also move fast.

7.     Zeenat Aman Erased: Yesteryears’ hit star and the  man who played the tyrannical Tipu Sultan on  television,Sanjay Khan came  out with his memoirs where he conveniently  forgot to mention  the sordid episode from the past where  Zeenat Aman , in a long-term relationship with the Khan, was thrashed in public. Zeenat lost  a part of eyesight during the beating. But it seems  it is Sanjay Khan who can’t see.

8.     RK  Studios, adieu:  Jeena  yahan marna  yahan isske siva jaana kahaan…sang Raj Kapoor  in the classic MeraNaam  Joker. Little did he  know that one day in 2018 his sons Randhir and Rishi Kapoor would announce their decision to  sell of Raj Kapoor’s  dream and passion  the  iconic  R K Studios. Indeed the end  of an era.

9.     Irrfan  & The  Big C:  When  Irrfan announced his illness we were shocked. But our shock turned  to  disbelief  as several  other  Bollywood names  fell prey to the dreaded disease. Let’s hope  2019 brings the healing touch to Bollywood.

10.  Naseeruddin Shah’s  Ticket To Pakistan:  The minute this peerless actor expressed his insecurities and fears  about the  future of his children, a zealous  politician  offered  him a one-way ticket to  Karachi. As of now, Naseer is  not planning to take up the generous  offer. There is much unfinished  business to  look into at home.

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