There Is No Priyanka Chopra In Bharat

Who is spreading all these rumours of Priyanka Chopra being a part of what threatens to be the biggest Salman Khan starrer ever?

Or perhaps the answer lies in that question itself. Since Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat is the biggest Salman starrer ever, and Priyanka Chopra is looking for a foot into the Bollywood door again.What better comeback for her than a Salman starrer?

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However there is one little problem here. Salman vowed many years ago to not work with Priyanka Chopra. Do not ask why. It’s one of those vague offences she must have caused the emotional Khan that he refuses to forgive her for. Not that PC is a female Vivek Oberoi in Salman’s life. In fact she is very close to Salman’s sisters and makes it a point to visit the Khans’ residence Galaxy Apartments every time she is in Mumbai.

However all that “sucking up” (as a close friend of Salman puts it) isn’t helping Priyanka get any closer to doing a film with Salman.

A Salman groupie sniggers, “Wohkuch bhi karle Bhai usske saath kaam nahin karega(no matter how hard she tries Salman won’t work with her). These strong rumours of her being in Bharat are being floated by somone’s publicity machinery in the hope that they(the rumours) would influence the choice of leading lady in Bharat in Ms Chopra’s favour. But sorry, it’s not happening.”

Here is one more reason why it’s not happening: “Bharat is the story of one man from the Partition of India to present times. It’s Salman’s film all the way and he’s in every frame or if not Salman, it is the actor who will play Salman’s younger version. Bhai and his director Ali Abbas Zafar are looking at a new face opposite Salman.”

So relax all you speculators. It’s neither Priyanka nor Katrina Kaif in Bharat.

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