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Tihar’s Women Turn Fashion Designers For Cast of a Film Marks Sheet!



Prisoners in their physical space need not be confined to their creative and emotional liberty. This is being proven by the female inmates of Tihar jail in Delhi who have turned into fashion designers for the entire cast of a film called Marks Sheet.

Revealing details the film ’s leading man Imran Zahid says, “This is the first occasion that jail inmates will be designing costumes for a film, and we are very proud be part of this radical step towards rehabilitation. The Tihar authorities set up a fashion lab in 2017 for the female inmates and that’s how they learned to design clothes.  Our film’s designer Winkie Singh has got these talented women to make our clothes. We are  very excited and  happy.”

This unique experiment in rehabilitation comes at a time when the link between Bollywood and a social awakening is growing by the day.

Says Imran, “We’ve seen how recent films like PadMan and Toilet Ek Prem Katha address social issues and bring about a reformatory impulse through cinema. Our films Mark Sheet is about leaked examination papers in Bihar. It is based on true facts . Having these talented ladies from  Tihar jail as our creative partners  is  our good fortune.”

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