Too Late For Sunil Grover To Moan About A Patch Up With Kapil Sharma

Members of Kapil Sharma new team can’t stop sniggering at Sunil Grover ’s change of heart regarding his feud with Kapil Sharma after a mid-air fight when Grover had sworn to “never”  get back with Sharma ever again.

Says a source close to Kapil Sharma, “Grover repeatedly turned down overtures from Kapil Sharma’s team for a reconciliation. Mind you, Kapil never directly approached Grover for a patch-up. It was only Kapil’s team. But Grover didn’t respond. He was on his own trip. He wanted to leverage the incident to establish a solo career. When he got Salman Khan’s support  Grover was convinced he was on the right track.Salman, for reasons best known to him, boycotted Kapil’s show to promote Tubelight and preferred to do an hour-long special with Grover. Both the Grover-show with Salman and  Tubelight flopped.Nothing more has been heard  of Grover’s career since then.”

And now Grover suddenly resurfaces claiming on social media that he has been waiting to be summoned for Kapil’s new show.

When someone asked why he wasn’t doing  Kapil’s show  Grover wrote,“Bhai, aap jaise kuch aur log bhi mujhse same poochte hain.Lekin mujhe iss show ke liye KOI call nahin aaya. Mera phone number bhi same hai.Intezar kar Ke ab maine kuch aur sign kar liyakal. Aap logon ki duaon se ek achhe project Ke sath juda hoon. Jaldi aapke samne Aata hoon.”

Baffled  , source  close to Kapil Sharma asks, “Didn’t Sunil Grover make it clear he will never return  to  the show?”

In fact when I  had  suggested that Grover return to Kapil’s show he had reacted vehemently, “Kaise jaoon? Na Na. Main aapkiadvice  nahin maan paunga.”

Change of heart? Or  all avenues closed down?

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