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Tribute To My Father Is Fine But No Film With Him,” Says Tiger Shroff

At the recent Filmfare awards Tiger Shroff paid a dazzling tribute to his father .Jackie even made an appearance on stage at the end of his son’s act.

Says Tiger emotionally, “It was an honour sharing the stage with THE HERO from the iconic film of that title, who happens to be my hero.”

The two of them looked so right together .So it a film featuring father and son together?

“No way!” protests Tiger. “My father has an overpowering screen presence. He’ll chew me up for breakfast lunch and dinner without even trying.He dominates every frame that he is. Who will look at when he is in the same frame?”

Tiger Shroff has always  fought shy of  being compared with his father Jackie . In fact the start of his career Tiger turned down  the offer to do a remake of Jackie Shroff’s Hero , arguing,  “Every son’s first  hero is his father.My dad was my first super-hero. For  me he  was Superman and Batman combined.I hope I’m not compared with my father .I’ll never allow myself to be put in place where we can be compared.”

But now Tiger can be seen grooving to a song in his forthcoming filmMunna Michael where he pays a tribute to his father.

Says Tiger. “I know I had promised myself I’d never put myself in a place where I’d be compared with my father. But my director (SabirKhan) and the character I play in Munna Michael helped me to change my mind. And  it is thanks to my choreographer GaneshAcharya who got me to explore a very different side of my personality that will remind audiences of my father.”


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