Tubelight Trailer: Salman’s Raj Kapoor-Awara Act In Tubelight Will Break The Baahubali Spell

The trailer of Tubelight shows Salman Khan doing what he’s best at. Playing the simpleton with a  heart of gold who wins over the hearts of the traditional enemy. In Bajrangi Bhaijaan it was the Pakistanis whom Salman had eating out of his hand.

In Tubelight, which again brings together the superstar and the director par excellence Kabir Khan in  a joyousjugalbandi of  brotherhood amity and nobility, there is a little Chinese boy whom Salman befriends.

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Remember the mute little girl who hangs on to Salman’s shirt-tail in Bajrangi Bhaijaan?

Outwardly Salman’s pureheart act in Tubelight echoes recent noble-hearted  souls  Ranbir Kapoor in Barfi as well as Salman’s own Bajrangi Bhaijaan act.  In  actuality Salman’s Tubelight goes back a long way to RajKapoor in Awara and the tramp with the heart of gold.

Salman possesses the guilelessness of a child-man, just like Raj Kapoor in his most characteristic roles in Awara,Sri 420, Anari, etc.

Clearly then Tubelight takes forward the character of the righteous do-gooder that Salman played in BajrangiBhaijaan. He  has repeatedly said he would never play grey or black characters. In Tubelight he is all white, pure and unassuming. The do-gooder who would go to any lengths  to see this world freed of war, strife, discord and stress.

He is also seen sibling-crushing an Indian soldier played by his real-life brother Sohail Khan.Tubelight also  shows the presence of Mahatma  Gandhi in the trailer. It  takes Salman Khan into Raj Kapoor’s domain viaSanjay Dutt’s Munnabhai  territory.Salman  is an ambassador of peace masquerading as a fan of  Forrest Gump.

It’s a beautifully designed world , crafted with care and love by Kabir Khan who loves the sound of peace-time when the magic of melting hearts merges in the mood of brotherhood and bonhomie.Tubelight  is film that we wouldn’t want to miss even if  Baaahubali 3 was released simultaneously. Indeed if any film seems to have the power to break the Baahubali spell it’s Tubelight.

Trailer rating: *** ½

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