Urgent Announcement From KriArj’s Legal Team!

We at Kriarj are not only shocked but surprised at these false allegations of having committed offenses of cheating and forgery as alleged in the false complaint by Mr. Anil Gupta of Padma Ispat. 

On the strength of this false complaint, we would like to convey to all concerned that any amounts invested with Kriarj by any party including that of Padma Ispat are already being adjudicated by the court of law and consequently there is no room for any such criminal action against Kriarj or its directors.

Unfortunately, the police machinery is being misused by all the Parties deliberately twisting a civil cause into a criminal offense only with the objective of either extorting large sums of money from Kriarj or arm-twisting into a surrender of certain rights in its films, by threatening with legal consequences of such false complaints.

We at Kriarj whilst taking strong exception to these arm-twisting methods, convey it in clear terms to all concerned that neither Kriarj nor any of its Directors are going to succumb to these arm-twisting attempts to extortion from Kriarj. Due process of law is being followed to counter these false allegations. Further, it needs to be clarified once and for all that Ms. Prerna Arora has no concern or interest of any nature whatsoever with Kriarj and consequently has been wrongly dragged into this controversy.

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