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Varun Tej Bounces Back After Leg Injury & Demonetization



Ram Charan Teja’s cousin Varun Tej who made a very impressive debuti Krish’s Kanche went through a post-debut setback in his career.

Says the young talented actor from Chiranjeevi’s family, “Everything was going smooth till I broke my leg and was bed-ridden for about 60 days! If that wasn’t bad enough Raayabari with my Kanche director  Krish got stalled in Feb due to a few technical issues!”

Now Varun is back in the reckoning. “I’m currently doing two projects one called Mister  under the direction of Srinu Vaitla and the other one entitled Fidaa directed byShekar Kamulla.I am working on both simultaneously shifting from one set to another, to make for lost time.”

Varun admits demonetizaton has played havoc with the entire Telugu industry including his cousin Ramcharan Teja’s  new film Dhruva. “My brother’s movie definitely took a little slow start because of the demonetization .But good word of mouth helped the movie to pick up .But yes, it could have definitely done a little better.Success during such tough situations are sweeter!”

Varun doesn’t deny there’s an economic depression. “There is a definite drop in spending by people because of the demonetization!Though it’s a great decision by the government towards eradicating corruption!Hopefully things  will  settle down soon and people get out of this suffering.The process is going to be painful for now but it’s for the better good and for a better society! The audience expects really good movies from us and there is never anything that could stop us as an entertainment industry”

Varun says the Telugu film industry is all for the Modi government’s manoeuvre to eradicate black money. “Most of the industry people  support the radical initiative taken by the government because we are sure to see the benefits of this action in the future. In terms of production there is really not a big problem as most of the producers operate by legal banking procedures.But the day-to-day wages are usually paid in cash which is the biggest hardship after demonetization as not everyone has a bank account or a debit card to draw cash.Hopefully the Telugu film industry will settle down soon!”

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