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Vicky Kaushal Pisses Off Salman With His Flirty Behaviour

Everyone knows all the acts at  the awards  functions are  planned beforehand. But some of them do get out of hand, no matter how carefully they are rehearsed.

Vicky Kaushal whose behaviour after  a few successes has become cocky, recently did a gig on stage with  Katrina Kaif where he  proposed marriage to her.

The entire staged exchange  looked strange, firstly because Katrina is so much  more senior to  Kaushal and also becauseSalman Khan who continues  to  be Katrina’s mentor, was  sitting in  the audience.Though Salman’s reaction was one that conveyed amusement , a  close friend of the actor says he found  the  whole exchange between Kaushal and Kaif to be obnoxious.

“That  Vicky must have thought he was being very cute by proposing to Katrina. Anything for  a few giggles at  these  awardstamasha.But Salman doesn’t take  kindly to this  kind of  heavy  flirting with anyone,least  of  all someone who is  part of his family,” says  the source.

One  doesn’t know what the repercussions  for this  staged act would be. Ranbir  once offended Salman  at a pub and  lived to regret it.


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