Vidya Balan’s Biggest Challenge: To Look Sound & Act Like Poetess Kamala Das!


Vidya Balan who had a lean year in 2015 is all set to strike big in 2016-17. One of her biggest challenges this year is to play the poet-extraordinaire Kamala Das .To be directed by eminent Malayalam director Kamal the Kamala Das bio-pic titled My Story, which begins shooting in September will see Vidya speak in Malayalam, English and Hindi.

The challenge for the actress is to sound like Kamala Das without mimicking her. A voice coach is being brought on board  to ensure Vidya gets the nuances of the original.

That’s not all. ‘Voice casting’ is on at this very moment whereby a linguistic specialist will teach Vidya Balan to speak like Kamala Das.

Indian cinema’s most accomplished sound designer Resul Pookutty who has created aural magic in films as far-ranging as Slumdog Millionaire, Ra,One, Enthiran(Robot) ,Black and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, is on board to give a fully credible audio life to Vidya Balan.

Says Resul, “The challenge here is not only to make Vidya Balan look like Kamala Das but also to ensure they sounds similar. Vidya insists she’ll speak her own Malayalam. She does know Malayalam. But not so fluently.We’re doing voice casting, so that a professional Malayalam speaking professional voice trainer  can guide Vidya through her dialogues.”

Resul will also resort to technology to get Vidya to sound like the rebellious feminist poetess. “We have  voice recordings of Kamala Das’ poetry recitations. Once the voice coach finishes instructing Vidya I’ll use a special software to make Vidya’s voice sound as close to Kamala Das’ possible.”

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