Vijay Deverakonda Slams Piracy, Rescues His Latest With A Smile

 In a shocking and  blatant violation of   all anti-piracy laws the  new Vijay Deverakonda starrer Taxiwala was leaked online  two months ago.

Recalling the  incident with  a shudder Vijay says, “It was  jolt, a  bolt from the blue. We didn’t know what  to do. We all decided to not talk much about it. The more we speak about online piracy the more people search and find the illicit links.”

A few weeks ago Vijay released a video showing him with his young child friends comparing an illicit incomplete film to an uncooked  bowl of pasta. In the fun  video Vijay then goes on to  cook the pasta, comparing the  various stages  in the  preparation to post-production process involved in the completion  of a film.

Explains  Vijay, “We made our point through laughter rather than rage and tears. Those who do these things(film piracy) are  not going to be daunted by threats or emotional  ourbursts. Until the  government clamps down heavily on piracy I feel the best way to combat the menace  it to appeal to fans.”

In fact  Vijay did just that.And his diehard audience  chose to not to see the bootleg version of Taxiwala. The  film is  now ready  for release on 17 November. At  the trailer-launch on Sunday evening  Vijay Deverakonda lapsed  into a serious conversation on piracy.

“It was meant to be  a  fun  evening, to go with the mood of the film. But I couldn’t help  steer the  discussion to piracy because this nuisance  is all our minds,” confesses Deverakonda.

The trailer  of Taxiwala which has  been now released online displays a prankish,wacked-out side  to Vijay Deverakonda’s personality,never seen before in any  of his starrers.

In  the  genre of this year’s  sleeper hit StreeTaxiwala has a touch of the eerie guiding the  mood of  giggles and guffaws. Deverakonda’s comic timing seems bang-on in  the  trailer.The rest will just follow.


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