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Vijay Deverakonda’s New Film Is An Old David Fincher Ripoff



If after the spectacular impact that he made last year  in  his film Arjun Reddy, the Telugu star-actor Vijay  Deverakonda is staying away  from  promoting his new release Ye Mantram Versave , it is with good reason.

While  Vijay refrains from comment a  source close to the project spills the beans: “Vijay had signed this  film long before ArjunReddy. They were shooting for  it in 2013 when Vijay was struggling  for a  foothold. Halfway through the  film he realized it was ripoff of David Fincher’s  1997 blockbuster The Game. Vijay was shocked. But he  continued shooting. After the film was completed the producers  and distributors  did not find  the project commercially viable sinceVijay was  not  a known name. He pleaded with them to release the  film. But they chose to turn a deaf ear. Now after Arjun Reddy  they’ve woken up to Vijay’s newly-acquiredboxoffice  status. Hence the hurried release  of Ye Mantram Versave.”

 According to  sources this ripoff was never meant to be promoted  by Vijay Deverakonda. “He made it very clear he’d be no  part  of it.”

Vijay is not the first actor who is thus  embarrassed by a film jumping up on him  from behind after stardom. Akshay  Kumar  had  to deal with Meri Biwi Ka Jawaab Nahin which was released in an incomplete  form long after he became  a star. Priyanka Chopra had to deal with producer K C Bokadia releasing Deewana  Main Deewana seven years after  it was completed.

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