Vijayendra Prasad Confirms He’s Writing Kangana Bio-pic

  When  Kangana Ranaut loftily announced she  would be starring in her own  bio-pic  there was understandably some  level  of skepticism  about her intentions.

However putting an end  to  all speculation  the distinguished Telugu-Hindi writer Vijayendra Prasad  who scripted  Kangana’sManikarnika  bio-pic, reveals he  is writing  Kangana’s  bio-pic.

“Yes I am writing it. But  I’m not directing  it,” says Vijayendra.

Kangana will direct  the project herself.

While other  details of  the  bio-pic are  yet to be finalized  we can safely assume Kangana won’t shy away  from the more controversial aspects  of her  life . Those who have crossed swords with  her  have reason to be scared. Very scared.

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