Vinta Nanda: “I Will See My Fight For Justice To The End”

With an  FIR for rape  lodged against character actor Alok Nath ,writer-director Vinta Nanda’s fight for justice has  gone to another level.

“Actually the  FIR was lodged  on Tuesday. The media got wind of  it on Wednesday morning and  all hell has broken lose. And I  mean that  in a good way. If it wasn’t  for the  media my fight for  justice would  never  have come so far. I am lucky to have such invaluable support from my friends, my family and  from media persons who have pitched in their trust  behind my fight. I feel blessed,” says Vinta  victoriously.

Is she  ready for  a long  lonely legal battle  ahead?

“Firstly, it’s not a  lonely battle. I have my mother , family and several close friends with me. As for the legal battle ahead I am  very well armed and  equipped. Three of the brightest young lawyers of Mumbai Dhruti Kapadia, Faranaaz Kharbhari andKunal Tiwari are fighting my case free of cost. They believe in my  fight.Today I can dare to face a legal battle without fearing the  financial burden,” says  Vinta  with a  sense  of victory.

 She feels what MeToo movement has  done is to awaken the nation’s conscience to  their responsibilities as  citizens.

“There  is just no room or tolerance  for inappropriate behaviour any more,” says  Vinta, adding that her  fight  for justice is not her own. “There are so  many women out there who have been  raped, molested, harassed, eveteased. Men who thought troubling women was their birthright have been forced to reconsider their patriarchal definitions of gender relations.What seemed ‘normal’ to them earlier will land them in serious trouble now. And they  know  it.That’s the difference.”

Vinta  is surprised at how Alok Nath refuses to  see what wrong he has done. “He is brazening it out when he should have apologized.Instead he  got his wife to speak on his behalf. That is  so sad. In our society women still feel standing by their husbands , no matter how wrong they are, is  their dharma. Men take  advantage  of this unconditional spousal support.”

Vinta  is still  willing to forgive Alok if he apologizes.  “I was never  in this  for revenge. I want correction , not revenge. Show  some remorse, show some sign of repentance .Let me know that no other woman would be  violated by  you the way I was.All I see right now is an attitude of defiance and shamelessness. If that’s the way  it us going to be, then I’ll see my fight  for  justice to the end.”

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