Vishal Krishna: “Blowing Kisses At Fans & Clicking Selfies Is Not My Idea Of A Birthday”

Taking a dig at stars who do “charity” and “social work” with a troupe of media representatives to record the historic moment, Tamil-Telugu actor Vishal Krishna riding high on the  success of his last release Irumbhu Thirai in Tamil and Abhimanyudu in Telugu who turned 41 years older on 29 August, says the day acquires a special hue only when  the fans are included in the celebration.

Coincidentally Vishal’s birthday coincided with the 100-day celebration of IrumbhuThirai/Abhimanyudu. For his birthday Vishal’s most ardent fan a blind girl from Canada named Akshaya flew in to participate.

“It was the best way I could think of to celebrate my birthday. Akshaya is my biggest fan. She cannot see. But she recognizes me on screen through my voice. She knows each and every dialogue of mine. Some of these, I’ve forgotten. But she has all my lines on her fingertip. I wanted Akshaya to give me the trophy for the 100-day run of my film on my birthday. I couldn’t think of a better gift. Blowing kisses and taking selfies is not my idea of a birthday well spent, ” says Vishal emotionally.

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For an actor like Vishal, his celebrity status is a tool for social improvement. “I see no point in being popular if you don’t use your voice to bring political change. There are lots of positive changes happening in Tamil Nadu politics. I  am part of that change. I don’t believe in standing in a corner and clapping. I will always be a player, not a spectator.”

Vishal’s next release Sandakoszhi in October has a strong social message on social equality.

“And my film after that to be released in January 2018 is about capital punishment for child rapists. Like I said, an actor is useful to society only when he uses his voice to create awareness,” says Vishal.

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