Vishal Krishna’s Ayogya Release Delayed

In a  shocking incident  of  last-minute  upheaval, Tamil star and political activist  Vishal Krishna’s new  releaseAyogya was  stopped  from release in Tamil Nadu as  per  schedule on April 10, eventuating in a  huge upset for  Vishal’s  fans who had queued up from  the  film since early  morning.

Tickets  sold  in advance booking for Ayogya  also had  to be  refunded  all across Tamil Nadu.

 A  discernibly disappointed and angry Vishal spoke up against this  unforeseen setback. “We all worked  really hard on Ayogya and we did  our best  to make  sure  it reaches theatres  on Friday as  per schedule. But we failed, for no  fault of ours.Even as we speak we are  doing our best to sort out the problem.”

While Vishal refused  to discuss the cause for  the unexpected delay sources says  a financial dispute between  the  producers  is  the reason  .

The  deadlock is  expected  to be solved  the soonest.

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