Vivek Agnihotri Explains Why Exploitation Is Rampant In The Film Industry

Last week filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri created a furore by tweeting about his nephew  from the US who fled Bollywood after being sexually accosted by a  big-name  producer.

 Now  Vivek explains that sexual exploitation is not common to any gender in  Bollywood. “I tweeted in the context that it’s not just women who are forced to compromise, that even young boys do go through the trauma. It can’t be just a women’s #MeToo.”

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 Vivek says there many powerful sexual predators in the  Mumbai film industry. “If one tries to expose the Harvey Weinstein’s of Bollywood, some very big empires, and icons will fall down. My nephew was a victim of one of those. But who will fight their muscle? You need many Kangana Ranauts for that.”

And it’s not just sexual exploitation that is rampant in the Indian entertainment industry.

Divulges  Vivek, “No, it’s not just sexual exploitation. The entertainment industry has three kinds of politics, sexual politics, money politics, and power politics. A desperate actor can become a victim of any of these political games.Some people are forced to sleep around. Some are forced to invest money for a two-bit role. Some are just forced to give in to the power of the employer. In all the cases what is compromised isn’t sexuality but the human dignity and the merit.”

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