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War Trailer Gives Us A Fine Face-Off Situation



Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan together  spell  a whole lot  of action and dance.I didn’t see  any dancing  in  the  sleekly-spun  trailer .But the action is  relentless,and  true to the genre. Hrithik and Tiger  don’t have  lengthy dialogues. They  just mumble a few words here and  there in this guru-shishya tussle.

Clearly this  is  not a War of words.Hrithik, looking every inch the  last action  hero, the flab and the loopiness  from Super 30  miraculously erased,   reminds the  granite-faced lithe  and lissome Tiger Shroff all that he has taught him. Now Shroff’s  character Khalid must  employ all the guerrilla tactics learnt from Roshan to  annihilate  Roshan.

 Irony  can only go further  if  Siddharth  Anand  is driving. I  found the director’s  deft monoeuvres  across  the  tempestuous narrative as tight and taut as anything  we’ve seen  in the Dhoom franchise, or for that matter  in Saaho.

 Like I said ,this  is  a  plot about the teacher and the  ‘taut’.  Chela Tiger,  or the tiny-‘taut’ if you will, shows  no  lack of poise confidence and chutzpah as he takes on Roshan head-on.

Oh yes,there are are  two mandatory shots  of  leading lady Vani Kapoor whose abbreviated  clothing made me wonder if she is from a Commonwealth country with no  wealth. Let’s all donate  generously to  neutralize her sartorial crisis.

Make no mistake. This is a boyz-will-be-boyz film.Almost done in  the spirit of a  video game.

The  trailer of War has a well-strung Robert Ludlum-Nick Carter flavour to it. This is  an espionage action thriller with a dependable  plot to  bolsters  its  boys’-fantasy flavour. At the trailer level it definitely looks superior to Saaho. The rest, we will know on Gandhi Jayanti.             

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