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What is Vehicle Insurance? Why is it Important?



Vehicle Insurance

We think that it would not be wrong to say that with the developments in the automotive sector, the use of vehicles has become a necessity rather than a necessity over time. 

In this direction, compulsory vehicle insurance has emerged in order to ensure the safety of both vehicles and passengers in traffic and to prevent possible accidents. But what is car insurance? What does compulsory traffic insurance cover? 

What is Vehicle Insurance?

Ensuring safety in traffic, used by both commercial vehicles and passenger cars, stands out as one of the first steps taken to prevent possible accidents.

However, even if drivers use their vehicles in accordance with the rules, mishaps may occur from time to time and situations that may cause life-threatening or material damage may occur.

It is possible to prevent material damage to the vehicles by taking out the insurance of the vehicle. In this sense, the question of what is vehicle insurance, which is obligatory for all motor vehicle owners by our state, can be answered as an insurance product designed to protect drivers and vehicles for damages after an accident.

As we have mentioned before, vehicle insurance is required by the state for all motor vehicles on the road in accordance with the Highways Law No. 2918. For this reason, vehicles whose insurance period has expired should not be on the road before renewing their compulsory traffic insurance or, in other words, vehicle insurance, because if this situation is detected, institutions and individuals may face great sanctions.

However, let’s underline that compulsory traffic insurance is not a substitute for motor insurance. In other words, compulsory vehicle insurance focuses on the damages of the other party or third parties, not the material and moral damages of the vehicle owners, unlike the motor own damage insurance.

We answered the question of what is car insurance. But what does car insurance actually cover? You can find the answer to this question in the rest of our article.

What Does Compulsory Car Insurance Cover? 

After answering the question of what is compulsory car insurance, let’s clarify the question of what compulsory car insurance covers, which is another important issue in terms of finding answers to the questions of institutions that want to buy or rent a car.

Compulsory vehicle insurance or traffic insurance, as we have just mentioned, is an insurance product that focuses on and ensures the damage of the other party, not the material and moral expectations of the vehicle owner. It is possible to answer the question of what does compulsory vehicle insurance cover with the following items:

  • Compensation of the Other Party’s Damage 

Perhaps the most important benefit of compulsory vehicle insurance is that it helps the drivers to cover the material and moral damages that occur on the other side in case of any accident.

Damages to the other party’s vehicle are covered by compulsory traffic insurance; Thus, the other party does not need to make any payments.

  • Securing Physical Injuries 

In addition to material damages, physical injuries that occur to these people are also under the guarantee of compulsory vehicle insurance. If any first aid is required in the event of an accident, if the driver or passengers need to be examined, this is entirely under the responsibility of the traffic insurance.

In addition, it supports the compulsory vehicle insurance payment for the hospital and treatment costs of these people.

In addition, if there is any disability on the other side and the person is unable to work, there is an injury guarantee.

  • Death Support Coverage 

If the vehicles on the road are involved in any accident and there is a death on the other side as a result of the accident, the vehicle insurance covers the burial expenses that arise as a necessity.

In addition to this, in the case of persons caring for the deceased person, the damages arising from the lack of support of the other party are also under the responsibility of the vehicle insurance.

Why is Car Insurance Important?

We answered the questions of what is car insurance and what is its coverage. Although many people are aware of why car insurance is important, it will be useful to talk about this issue separately for safe driving.

Vehicle insurance, which is easily taken out by insurance companies, has many advantageous points. For example, the most important benefit of vehicle insurance is that the damages on the other side are covered by insurance companies or the state.

However, the assurance of knowing that the insurance company will deal with any problem when faced with it will also prevent spending time and budget on this issue.

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