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Why Is Okay For Jhansi Ki Rani To Dance And Not Okay For Rani Padmaavati?

Director  Krish Jagarlamudi  is  done with the bickering with  Kangana Ranaut.

“I’ve had  my say . No more. If  she(Ranaut) wants  to believe she  directed  all ofManikarnika, so  be it. Everyone knows the truth,” asserts Krish and  vows to  not  get into any more war  of words  with the film’s  aggressive leading lady and co-director.

 However one   major  issue that  needs to be addressed  is that  regarding the  singing and dancing that Rani of Jhansi is seen indulging in with her subjects. In an elaborate song and dance  sequence  Rani Laxmibai embarrasses  the  hell out of her husband  the King OfJhansi(played  by Jisshu Sengupta)  by dancing with the people  of their State in a pregnant  condition.

A source  very close  to the film says that the song and dance  during times   of raging battles was Kangana’s idea.

Ek toh  Rani opoopar se garvwati(a queen and then  pregnant)…how can she be shown dancing in that unbecoming fashion?  Krish  was  totally against the  idea. The song-and-dance was added on  by  Kangana  after Krish left,”says  the source.

Significantly when another Rani, Padmavati   in a big epic film  in January 2018, SanjayLeela Bhansali’s  Padmaavat  got up from her throne to take to the dancefloor with her ladies in waiting,  all hell had broken  loose.

Deepika’s Rani Padmaavati was shown dancing to the  Ghoomar  song  in the most graceful and queenly manner in a closed environment with the women  from her durbar.

Director Sanjay Bhansali had said to me,  “We wanted the Ghoomar song and  dance  to retain its  purity since  this was being performed by Rani Padmavati. Every step and every move in the dance  form celebrates  the royal grace  of  royalty.This is our dance tribute to the brave Rajput women of Rajasthan.I heard how little  children  performing the Ghoomardance at a school in India were stopped. I’d like to tell those disruptive elements  that  you can’t stop something as beautiful and  innocent as this from reaching out into the hearts  of people across the world.

 Sanjay Bhansali’s heart swells with pride to see Ghoomar reaching into the hearts and feet  of  American kids.

Says  the  director, “What  better illustration  of our prime  minster Narendra Modiji’s ‘Make In India’ policy ? I feel our culture is so rich and varied.We’ve so much to give the West. Why not take our culture and art forms  to  the West rather than continuously borrow their lifestyle and  culture?”

All hell had broken lose with fringe  groups demanding that the song-and-dance from Bhansali’s   be removed  or else they would cut off Deepika’s nose.

Says  a source  very close  to the Padmaavat team, “When we showed  Deepika dancing in  the Queen’s  inner chambers ,we  had to digitally cover Deepika’s midriff before the  censor board allowed the Jhoomar song. Now in Manikarnika , again about a royal Queen, Kangana’s  Rani Laxmibai  jumps  off her seat and  breaks  into a street-side  jig with  the  commoners. That was okay? What  is good enough for Rani Laxmbai is  not  befitting for  Rani Padmaavati? Please  figure  out that one.”

When  pressed for  a response  Krish  said, “I don’t know where the singing and dancing came  from.It wasn’t there when I was directing Manikarnika.”

The  question remains. Why was it  not right  for Rani Padmavati to dance when  everyone seems  okay with Rani Of Jhansi shaking a leg? Midriff forgotten.


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