“My Wife & I Laugh Together At Stories About Our Rift”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is genuinely amused by rumours of  marital trouble. In fact his wife,a  lovely sophisticated woman who would never tolerate nonsense of any kind from her husband, is laughing the loudest.

“It is convenient and easy to put out such nasty rumours about me because I don’t read or refute anything written about me.More importantly I  fit into the mould of the small-towner who makes it big in Mumbai , loses his head, has flings and affairs while his wife sobs in the kitchen.”

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Nawaz would have us know his wife is no walkover. “She would make me cry rather than cry in a corner while   I mistreat her. On a more serious note, my family , my wife and my two children are too precious to me to lose for momentary thrills.Nothing is real in this entertainment industry. People form relationships during the shooting of a film and move one. The only constant in life is your family. To even think about playing the home breaker is shocking for me.”

Nawaz says the reports of marital rift came out immediately after he tweeted about Om Puri’s death  being remembered at the Oscars but not at any of the popular awards in India.

“I don’t know who took offence. Because soon after they tried to hit me with allegations of breaking my marriage.Mujhe koi farq nahinpadta. As  long I know I am true to my marriage and as long as my wife believes in me, I am fine.Only fools give into temptations in this industry.”

He then jokes, “I told my wife, the fact that lies are put forward as news in the press is proof that her husband is a star. I told her to feel proud of her husband as he’s being gossiped about.We both had a good laugh at the rumours.”

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