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Will Kangana’s Controversies Affect Her New Release? Critics, Trade Experts Discuss



It’s  going  to be  a tough fight for Kangana Ranaut with her  Judgementall Hai Kya creating controversies , not all  positive,  from weeks before release.

 We now hear  the  film’s  co-producers Balajee  are trying hard to convince  all the critics to watch the film. “Don’t judge the  film by its leading lady’s behaviour,” says a  source  close to Baaljee. How much has Kangana’s  pre-release spat with thre media affected the  boxoffice  performance of Judgementall Hai  Kya?Or is this Friday’s  other release, the comedy Patiala House featuring Diljit Dosanjh and Kriti Sanon, the clear and  uncomplicated winner between  the two?

Evalutes trade  analyst Girish Johar, “Audiences today have evolved and have matured in their outlook as far as consumption of movies goes. They probably perceive all news and activities around the release of the film as promotional. So controversies or no, they decide to watch the film purely on the merit of trailer, songs or whatever film material is shared with them. If they like it they will surely watch it. If they dont, they will pass. Yes, a  certain percentage of diehard actors fans may make it a must to watch the film because of the controversy, but i feel they were gonna watch it anyways.”

Adds trade guru Amod Mehra, “Any publicity is good publicity. The Kangana  spat will only enhance the curiosity.”

However film  critic Raja Sen disagrees with Mehra. “I think the controversies are all within the industry and among  journalists more than the public. If the picture is fun and the performances are good, the film will do very well.”

Veteran  entertainment  journalist Bharathi S  Pradhan thinks no amount  of controversy will help a  film. “I’ve always believed that nothing helps a film except the film itself. Despite all the controversies around it, Simrandidn’t run because it was an inherently weak film. Queen didn’t have any wars or stand-offs in the run up to its release, yet did brilliant business because it was just such a well made film. And so, if Judgemental is a good film, it’ll be well-received. The mass audience either doesn’t read or doesn’t let anything it hears or reads about a film affect its movie going judgment.”

Trade analyst Atul Mohan also feels, “The controversy around Judgmental Hai Kya  has surely made it known  film  everywhere. But it has been seen in the past  that it’s not necessary that a controversy will translate intoboxoffice   success unless the product is accepted by the audience or worth the controversy. At the  end of the day it’s only good films that will work.”

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