Will Karan Johar’s Chat Show Be Axed After The Hardik Furore?

 With strong  disciplinary action being taken against  cricketer Hardik Pandya  for his deeply  sexist comments it looks like the axe may also fall on  Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee With Karan.

Sources  close  to  Star Plus, the channel that hosts  the popular show, “are  considering  their options  considering  the  uproar over the content.”

  Many in the know feel that Karan Johar as  the  show’s  architect and helmer  should have exercized  more control during the  editing.

A prominent filmmaker who has  so far  desisted from going on  Karan’s show says  the  onus of  propriety in the  presentation  lies with  the  producer. “It is your  show. You have complete  control over what  goes into it. If an invitee loses control over his  mouth  , you as  the  show’s  anchor and  producer  know where to draw the  line.”

 Sources say Hardik Pandya could very well prove to be Karan’s show’s waterloo.

Quips  an actress who  confesses Karan “seduces” guests into saying things they wouldn’t  otherwise. “Ab Koffee with  Karan qafi(enough) with Karan ho chukka.”

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