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Will Rajinikanth Sweep Manmohan Singh Out Of The Boxoffice



 If advance  reports  of  director Karthik Subbiraj’s Petta are to be believed, then Rajinikanth has  another blockbuster  on his hands  just  a month after the super-success  of  2:0

And that really puts the Manmohan Singh bio-pic in an awkward  position. Sandwiched as it between the declared success  ofRohit Shetty’s Simmba  and  expected  success Petta, the Manmohan  Singh bio-pic finds  itself  in a  deadlock.

A personnel  from  a leading  multiplex chain says  political  bio-pics have few takers  in India,  “And that too someone as  non-controversial as Manmohan Singh. Audiences are far more interested  in  the aggressively anti-Pakistan  film Yuri  and theRajinikant film Petta  which open this Friday.”

In the meanwhile the makers  of The Acccidental Prime  Minister are trying to generate interest in their product  through controversies. It is rather amusing that a non-controversial figure  like Manmohan Singh is now at the vortex of such debate and discussion  on his status  in  the  political  hierarchy .

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