Will Salman Khan Finally Make A Guest Appearance In His Brother-in-law’s Debut?

Will he, won’t he? Whether Salman Khan will finally make a special appearance in his brother-in-law Ayush Sharma’s debut film Lovetratri or not, and if he does would it be a song and dance appearance… these are questions that haunt the project even as the release date (October 3) approaches.


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Apparently, there are two lines of thought on this issue in the Khan parivar. While one opinion is that Salman’s presence will deflect attention from the debutante the other view favours Salman’s presence in the midst of the debutant’s introduction.

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Says a source close to the development, “They are in two minds on this. If everyone decides Salman’s presence is needed in Loveratri they will shoot his guest appearance at the last moment and add it to the film.”

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