Will Shah Rukh Khan’s Next Be Farah Or Karan?

Shah Rukh Khan who turns 53 on 2 November is done with semi-experimental cinema. The last year or so saw him veer away from his image to play a shrink in a film that was dominated by Alia Bhatt(Dear Zindagi), a real-life hooch seller in Gujarat(Raees), his own fan(Fan) and a wry tourist guide flirting with a fey Gujarati tourist(When Harry Met Sejal).

None of the semi-experimental films have yielded the desired results. Underwhelmed by the experience Shah Rukh has decided to return to mainstream cinema in a big way.

He has confessed to close friends that he has had it up to “here” with unconventional roles.

The experimental phase is done.And now Shah Rukh is back in his comfort zone. He has said yes to new projects with old friends Farah Khan and Karan Johar with whom he has done the maximum number of films.

The question is , which one will he take on first?

A source very close to the development says, “Both Farah and Karan are ready with their scripts. It’s up to Shah Rukh to decide whom he gives priority dates in 2018. Both the films feature him in romantic roles of the kind that made him what he is.”

A filmmaker who has worked with Shah Rukh says the superstar is done with being what he is not. “He is not saying no to unconventional films. But after Aanand Rai’s film where he plays a dwarf you won’t see Shah Rukh doing something out of the box for a long time.”

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