YES! SADAK 2 is FINALLY happening!

Pooja Bhatt: There can be no Sadak 2 without Sanjay Dutt! The sequel to the 1991 blockbuster will roll next year with some big names in it
The sequel to Sadak (1991) has been announced but many rumours have been floating around it – with some even voicing doubts whether it will happen or not. There has even been talk that while Pooja Bhatt will be there in Sadak 2, Sanjay Dutt won’t be a part of the movie because he is unhappy with the remuneration that he has been offered. Putting those rumours to rest, Pooja says the film is all set to roll next year with her and Dutt along with a young star pair who play the second romantic lead. And yes one of Bollywood’s top actresses will play the young female lead – who that is, she isn’t telling.

Says a source from the trade, “Mahesh Bhatt is writing the script and the film will roll next year. He is keen that Pooja direct the film but at this point it’s just a thought. The actress knows it’s a dual responsibility and also she is directing Jism 3 and the webs series that she is acting in ill begin this year, so she may not have the time to direct the sequel. Pooja has not just given up drinking but lost weight and looking stunning. Sanjay Dutt is definitely doing it. It was Sanju who asked Pooja when they are making Sadak 2 months ago at an event so there’s no question of him not being a part of it. He shares a very strong emotional bond with Mahesh Bhatt who is like a father figure and has been meeting him at his office frequently. There will also be a young couple whose romance will also be shown in Sadak 2. The young stars dates are being finalized and will be announced shortly.”

When contacted Pooja Bhatt says, “There can be no Sadak2 without Sanjay Dutt. He is very much there. Ravi (Sanju) and Poojas (mine) love story forms the intrinsic core of Sadak2 so he has to be part of it. In fact I didn’t know how keen people are to see us together in Sadak 2. I realised it when I met a random stranger the other day who asked me when the sequel to Sadak was going to be out and if the original cast, with the exception of Sadashiv Amrapurkar (who played the character Maharani), would be in the sequel as he loved Sadak.”

With Mahesh Bhatt dropping in to meet Varun Dhawan on the sets of Kalank on Saturday, speculation is rife whether the young actor will come on board in Sadak 2.  A big announcement on the entire cast is expected in the next couple of weeks made by none other than Mukesh and Mahesh Bhatt themselves. Apart from Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt, the younger couple will be announced too – something that will be known as one of the biggest casting coups of the year!

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