Zeenat Aman’s Alleged Tormentor In Jail Again

 Last  year at  this time  a  businessman  by the name Sarfaraz Mohammad was  booked and arrested for allegedly  cheating harassing and  assaulting  actress  Zeenat Aman.

After  being in custody for some time Sarfaraz, alias Anup Khanna, was out on  bail. Zeenat  told friends she feared for  her  own and two sons’ safety.

 She can now put all  her apprehensions  to  rest as  Sarfaraz has again been arrested, this time for allegedly duping  another person  of  a huge amount of money.

Says a close friend of Zeenat, “She’s  relieved  to know he’s no longer on the streets posing a danger to her family.  But she will  rest easy only when he’s convicted. The man has been caught twice  cheating and  duping  two different persons  of large  amounts  of money. Evidently he’s  a habitual  offender.”

Another close  friend  of  the actress points out an uncanny coincidence. “Men who have  treated Zeenat badly have met their nemesis during their lifetime only,be it Sanjay Khan(who met a horrendous  fire accident  just weeks after he allegedly assaulted her in public)  or  this so-called  businessman who took advantage  of  her loneliness.”

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