Zeenat Aman’s Friend Walked Away With Her Entire Savings

 Zeenat Aman has been singularly unlucky in love. The men  whom she has been involved with have almost always abused her physically and/or emotionally, going in one case, as far as to almost blind her in one  eye by physically assaulting her in a public place.

The latest attack on Zeenat is doubly virulent because not only was emotionally conned,but all her financial  assets have also been cleaned out.

Says a  close friend of  the Zeenat,  “This time she has been royally duped by a businessman who convinced her  to  invest through him in  real estate. Trusting the man  blindly—as she has always trusted her past male friends—she handed over her finances completely to this man who gradually but deftly cleaned out all her savings leaving Zeenat with practically nothing  but the roof on her and two son’s heads.”

Says  the friend, “This has been  going for some time now.And when Zeenat came  to know she was being royally conned she approached a senior police officer in Mumbai who guided her  into filing the proper complaints at the Juhu police station. Zeenat  is  now preparing a long battle ahead hoping to at least  get back some , if not all her, financial assets  from this con-man. The cops have assured her they would do everything in their power to restore her finances.”

 The  friend adds that Zeenat is  totally shaken by the experience.
Some time  back in an interview with this writer Zeenat Aman  said, “I guess I’ve been unlucky in love. But life goes on. I  guess one learns from each experience.”

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