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What Next For Aryan Khan?



Aryan Khan

Even as  you read  this  a battery  of lawyers are mulling  over the  legal options open to  get Aryan Khan out of  jail on bail.

The honorable  court’s decision to send Shah Rukh Khan’s  eldest to  the harshest prison in Mumbai has sent chills up the entertainment industry  spine. A  young upcoming actor who spent a month  in the same prison tells me, “A stint there, no matter how long or short, scars  you for life, destroys  your selfconfidence. You can’t  eat or drink water because then  you have to use the toilets which are  over-flooded with faeces streaming all  over the floors.  You can’t sleep because  there  is no bed or mattress. You can  only  pray that the rapists and sex offenders  don’t recognize you because  if they know  who you are, they target you  in ways that you  don’t even want to think about.”

The feeling that Aryan Khan is being targeted for being who he is, grows within t he entertainment  industry and among  fans  of  Shah Rukh Khan. Even those who are  not Khan  fans

Sources close to Shah Rukh say he will be meeting his son soon. Contrary to some reports, Aryan has  not met his father since the arrest.

A  close family  friend rubbishes reports  of Aryan  getting  food clothes and other amenities  from home.“ By  the way all this talk of  Aryan getting special treatment is  a whole  lot of hogwash. For all  his pampered upbringing, and life in  the lap of  luxury, blah blah, Aryan is  a tough  boy. He won’t crack up and crumble, if that’s the plan.”

In an interview with me  several years back Shah Rukh had said, “I’m always happy with what I do. I’ve  never been happier. I’ve a  unique way of dealing with life. I never fight it. I take it on its own terms. I  first go with the flow and then I overtake it. So far I’ve never had to fight against fate.”

It looks  like it’s time to  fight  against fate.


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