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5 Iconic Rekha Songs(Some Of Them You Haven’t Heard)




Many many evergreen  melodies are attached to Rekha’s screen  persona. The  queen  of  all that she sur  weighed , Rekha  has the  knack of owning  every  song that she sang on screen. Here are  my  favourite  5.

  1. Lo sahib phir  bhool  gayi mein(Maati Maange Khoon):   Out  of the myriad mujras that that Rekha has performed on screen, this  one is  super-special  , far more so than the  over-rated Salaam-e-Ishq  from  Muqaddar Ka Sikandar. In this moody nostalgic number  composed  by the great Rahul Dev Burman  and sung  with exquisite pain  by Lata  Mangeshkar Rekha’s  expressions rather  than her dancing said it all. Mesmerizing.
  2. Ehsaas ka sauda hai jazbaat ki qeemat  hai(Ek Naya Rishta): Rekha sang this Khayyam composition  herself. But  intriguingly she did  not lip-sync  the  song!  The soulful  number about exploitative abusive relationships played  in the background as Rekha emoted to the  chiseled words silently.
  3. Cham cham  ritu barse(Barkha Bahaar): Of all the  divine songs Rekha has  put across  on screen this Laxmikant-Pyarelal  composition  from one of her earliest films,remains  the most unsung, underrated. In  the lyrics  the great  poet Majroooh Sultanpuri compares  the  forlornness  of  a woman to  the  solitary movement  of the rain  creating a cascading  compendium of  passion and pain.Lata  Mangeshkar at her best.And that’s saying a  lot.
  4. Yeh mausam aaya hai kitne saalon mein(Aakraman): Rekha’s Ghum hai  kisike  pyar mein  from Rampur Ka Lakshman is rightly celebrated as a supreme  love ballad. But this Lata-Kishore duet is  no less an evocation  of   love during the time  of  poetry. Superbly composed by  Laxmikant-Pyarelal the  song sees Rekha emotive powers soaring to  the skies and  beyond.
  5. Justuju  jisski thi usko toh na  paya humnein(Umrao Jaan):  The celebrated  Asha  Bhosle Mujras  of Muzaffar Ali’s  masterpiece  are Dil cheez kya hai ,Inn aankhon ki masti ke and  Yeh jageh hai doston.  But  listen! The real gem  of the soundtrack is this relatively neglected number,  so  steeped in nostalgia it rewrites the definitions and boundaries  of poetic  expression  on  screen.


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