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5 Times When Tiger Shroff Aced It!



Baaghi 3

Tiger Shroff  is  the  master of martial acts. His  stardom depends on entirely  on  his  fabulous  dance moves and his panther-like stealth in   action scenes. It wouldn’t be an exggeration to call him  a biryani  blend  of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chaan. Here are  the  5 films that took Tiger Shroffs career to  dizzying heights.

1.     Heropanti(2014):  Tiger Shroff’s  debut film , a remake  of  the Telugu hit Parugu,  was the Meme’s delight .  Though  his stunts  and dancing were appreciated, Tiger was  largely ridiculed  for being  way too  effeminate .  But producer Sajid Nadiadwala believed in Tiger. And Tiger believed in  hard word, self-discipline and  Nadiadwala’s belief  in him. “ remember his words when the trolls ripped  into his self-confidence. ‘Sir, I will work harder.’

2.     Baaghi(2016):  Two years later, Tiger Shroff struck back.A completely  revamped  adaptation  of the Telugu hit  Varsham  Tiger Shroff   played the role originally done by Prabhas. But the action here was vertical. He fought his way from floor to floor of a  skyscraper  to rescue his ladylove  Shradha  Kapoor  from the villain Sudheer. More  like the  Gareth  Evans directed The Raid Redemption than  Varsham ,Baaghi showed the  true birth of  a  new action star.

3.      Baaghi 2(2018): After two full-fledged fiascos  A  Flying Jatt( Tiger Shroff ’s  premature attempt to  play a superhero) and Munna Michael(Chala Nawazuddin Michael Jackson ban-ne) Tiger scored  bull’s eye.Again an official remake  of a Telugu  film Kshanam . In the original an NRI played by Adivi Shesh is  called back to India by his former girlfriend  to rescue her daughter  from kidnappers. Baaghi 2 was far less tautly designed than its Telugu  original. But the action was to die  for. Upping the ante  became Tiger Shroff’s muscular mantra. His fans ,mostly kids  from the age  of 9 to  14  couldn’t get enough  of him.

4.     War(2019):  Tiger Shroff   and his  role model Hrithik Roshan  shared screen space in a film that gave slickness a  new definition. A  fast-paced spy thriller War  had Tiger  matching strides  with Roshan and  even outdoing him  at places. Barring the  last twenty minutes War  was a  rollercoaster  ride, a catchy cat-and-mouse bromance where the  two protagonists  Hrithik Roshan and  Tiger Shroff played  the  mentor-turned-tormentor  and pupil  with a large level  of  conviction and  warmth. It was   heartening to see Tiger keeping pace  with  Roshan, even though the  latter  used  a lot  of  tricks to  get our  full concentration.

5.     Baaghi 3(2020): Though the  Franchise continues  to be theme-driven by a kidnapping incident, Baaghi 3 is the first film in  the series that is original. It is also Tiger Shroff ’s most ambitious film to date. This time he takes on an entire country, apparently Serbia. And brings the  rogue  nation down single-handedly when his  beloved brother Ritesh Deshmukh disappears  in the war-torn country. The  stunts are  so heart-in-the-mouth that you will find yourself jumping  out of  your seats  on more than one  occasion. Tiger’s already  formidable  stardom  will go up my many  notches  after this.He is  confident  cool athletic agile  and  convincing as a one-man army.

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