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7 Facts You Must Know About Rocky Aur Rani Before Release



1.     It is Karan Johar’s zingiest brightest most splashy film to date. This time he  doesn’t hold back letting loose on screen  an armoury of   colours, drama, music and humour that  we haven’t seen   in  any of his earlier films.

2.     The chemistry between Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh and between Dharmendra  and Shabana Azmi is remarkably authentic. Karan Johar has never worked harder  on making the  human relationships feel lived-in.

3.     Ranveer ‘Loud’ Singh has never played a louder character than Rocky Randhawa.Ranveer dug into his wardrobe for Rocky’s sartorial posturing. The endresult is unbelievably persuasive.This is  Ranveer’s most accomplished performance since  Bajirao Mastani.

4.     Bengali actors Tota Roy Chowdhury  and Churni Ganguly play Alia’s parents. The accomplished Tota learnt the Kathak dance  for the  film.When he  performs on screen his future son-in-law is prompted  to  complain to  his girlfriend that the “Madhuri Dixit inside her father has awakened.”

5.     Rocky Aur Rani is  nonstop fun. It begins on a  high note  and keeps hitting the  higher  notes progressively thereafter without getting shrill.

6.     Every actor  gives  his or her best to the characters.  But  it is Karan Johar who is the real star of the show. He controls the vast cast,giving to each something to teach on how to be in  a flamboyant film without going out of reach.

7.     Everyone in the film will make you laugh. But the actor  who will make us recall the most romantic days of our  lives is Dharmendra. He  not only plays a diehard romantic he also recites  love poetry. Things can’t get any  better than this. This is  the  most infectiously viewer-friendly  film of the year.



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