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Aamir Khan Reassures Fans That His Marriage Over, His Commitment Isn’t



 In a  video  released  on Sunday  that has many people confused Aamir Khan is seen sitting next to his  (former?) wife Kiran Rao.

“Aap log ko bahot dukh hua  hoga shock laga hoga..Hum bas itna kehna chahte hain ke  hum donon bahot khush  hain aur hum bass ek hi parivar hain.Hamare rishte mein change aaya hain. Lekin hum donon saath hi hain,”  Aamir is heard saying as he clasps Kiran’s hand . Here they  both giggle.

Errrr… this saath-hain-lekin-saath-nahin  declaration is  most confounding. If Aamir and Kiran are still together what’s the  need for a  divorce, even as he says, the  profile of their relationship  has changed?

And  if they are no longer together  why is he saying that they are?

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…Unless one of them wants to remarry. Which is  a rumour doing the  rounds. In any case  we wish them  both  happiness, together  or apart.And beyond point,  it is no of anyone’s concern what  they do with their lives, together or apart.

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