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Abhay 2 Is Dark,Gruesome, Gory & Stomach-Churning



Abhay Season  2 (Zee5, 3 Episodes)

StarringKunal Khemu,  Chunky Pandey,  Bidita Bag,  Ram Kapoor

Directed  by Ken Ghosh

Rating: **

It’s not always  about how well a story  is told, it’s  also  about what  is being told. Abhay returns with just three episodes(the rest couldn’t be  completed  because   of  the  Virus) each more  gruesome  than the other.

 In fact  so dark and rancid  are these tales of  terror that it almost seems sadistic  to inflict  such  reprehensible  characters  on us at a time when we are struggling with  our own  demons .

Having said this, it must be  admitted that  all three stories are  well  crafted. Director Ken  Ghosh  is skilled at cleaning up the mess that his demented  characters create.These serial killers are  in it for  pleasure.

In one  episode   the prostitute heroine Saloni(a well cast Bidita Bag) is seen  having an orgasm while a man drowns in some filthy chemical in front of her. Her  logic for her serial violence   is  simple: Saloni gets  fucked by the world , she fucks  it right back. An eye  for an eye ,etc.

Even more nauseatingly  gruesome  is the  cast-against-image  Chunky Pandey as a serial slayer who kidnaps  bright  young students, drills  out their brains(yes, you heard  right)  and  makes his oblivious wife make  a soup  out  of  the  brain  of his victims in the  hope of sipping his way into  an intellectual  advancement.

I found  it hard  to believe that anyone could  actually write something such a   reprehensible cannibalistic  story  , let alone execute it with such  supreme  confidence. Chunky Pandey’s  performance reminded me  of  Matt Dillon in  The  House That Jack Built. The same passion  for inflicting pain. I  liked the actress  who  played Chunky’s  untutored  but shrewd wife. She was  the  one bright spot in the  glum dreary  despicably violent world  that this serial about serial killers constructs ad nauseam.There was a story  on cannibalism  in the first season with lots  of  the human body being  chopped. You are welcome to experience  the ghoulish gourmet’s dish again.

The best  story   of the   three-tiered  shiver  giver has Ram  Kapoor as a spaced  out  killer simply called  the  Villain(spelt ‘Villian’ in the  titles) holding  a busful of kids  hostage.  Why does he  do this?  Why  make  serials about serial killers which provide us with no hope, no happiness  no healing? Just  anxiety and  despair.Why give them the  importance?

 Kunal Khemu playing the  leader of  the  Special Tasks Force  goes  through the  investigation  of  the  serial killing without a smile. Can’t blame him. It’s a  chillingly cheerless world out there. I’d rather watch   Gunjan Saxena or Avrodh which leaves us with hope. The second season  of  Abhay left me with an empty feeling at the  pit of my stomach.

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