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Abhimanyu Dasani Speaks On The Road He Has Chosen For Himself.



“Scam 1992 Is  The Show I  Binge-Watched,”  After  A   3-Year  Hiatus  The Talented  Abhimanyu Dasani Has 3 Releases  To Look Forward  To In 2021. He  Speaks To Subhash K Jha On The Road He Has Chosen For Himself.

How did you cope with 2020?

There’s been a lot of pain and suffering across the board on different levels. Counting my blessings this year I’m just grateful to be safe and healthy. It’s definitely made me revisit my priorities and also instilled a motivation to focus on things I wouldn’t focus on before.

Are  you tempted to  be part  of the digital boom?

Even before the OTT boom in the past year or more I’ve believed  an actor shouldn’t be restricted to a medium, if a role challenges me and I feel connected to the character in some way that’s what excites me. Cinema is and always will be an experience and not just content consumption.

Which are  the web shows you’ve  enjoyed  recently?

Scam 92 is the show I binge-watched the first two nights as soon as it was released and immediately contacted Achint Thakkar, Jai Mehta , Pratik Gandhi and Hemant Kher and a lot of others from  the show’s team  to congratulate them for the experience. It was close to flawless. I also enjoyed The Family Man, Pataal Lok, Ram Singh Charlie, Raat Akeli Hai. A lot of good cinema and good talent has risen out of the shadows this year. I’m so happy for that.

What  about  the loss  of  the stalwarts  like Irrfan and  Rishi  Kapoor?

It was a grave loss to our industry. They were pioneers path breakers and had so much more to offer to teach us. The  sudden  death  of  Sushant Singh Rajput  was  a reminder to be kind to spread love and not take things and people for granted

How do you cope with the toxicity  of  the social media?

I try and see the world with curiosity rather than expectations. I face run-ins with compassion or at least I try. Resentment of one’s life, arrogance  or entitlement and selective listening usually triggers trolls to be trolls. I wish they saw more beauty in the world. I wish they received more love.

Your projects  for 2021?

Nikamma  directed by  Sabbir Khan, Aankh Micholi directed by Umesh Shukla  and MeenakshiSundareshwar  directed by  Vivek Soni.All very different  characters and films.

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