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Adah Sharma’s Second Lockdown Birthday



When  the pandemic first  hit us  in March 2020 we never thought it would last  more than a few months.   It  is no into its second year.On May 11 Telugu-Bollywood actress Adah Sharma celebrated her birthday during  the  pandemic for  the second  year in  a row.

She seems to have accepted the situation for what it is and is determined  to make  the  best  of  it.

Says Adah, “I  spent my birthday  at home , with Mum. Of course   I missed my friends but I’m zoom calling them.The lockdown is tough. I shared a video on my Instagram on my birthday   as a thankyou  for all the love I’ve been getting.”

 Adah says she  has  a sizable  following on  Instagram where she  regularly shares  fitness  secrets .  “A lot of people follow me on instagram for fitness related stuff…and I mostly share videos of what I do to keep my body fit.So for my birthday I thought I’d share what I do to keep my mind fit.”

The  lockdown  has  been  as tough  on Adah as  anyone  else. But she  is making the best  of it. “I have more time for the things that I like doing. I played the piano, danced, trained before. So if I had say one hour for piano now I have two. And I can dance for as long as I like. There is no time pressure on my schedules right now. Pandemic or no pandemic I was anyway someone who didn’t really interact much with people. Socializing is not something I am very comfortable with.”

Adah’s eating habits remain  unchanged. “I anyway eat a lot, lockdown or no lockdown! Now it’s mostly my own cooking which isn’t great but I still eat a lot. I sleep seven hours anyway so I guess sleeping and eating hasn’t changed.”

Her  advice during lockdown?  “My advice would be whatever you are doing, even if you are watching a show, or clipping your nails at that time do just that one thing. Train your mind to focus and you will be happiest.”

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