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Aditya Narayan On The Growing Accusations Of Fudged Judgment On Indian Idol



 Indian Idol host Aditya Narayan is  not  perturbed  by the growing  accusation of  doctored  judgement  on  the  show.

Maintaining a cool demean our Aditya Narayan says, “Our producers  Sony, Fremantle & TCT along with the entire team are thrilled with the love and success of the current season. This is the most watched reality show in the entire past decade. We want  to focus on that. We would rather not think about the negativity.”

Aditya Narayan also points out that the current season  of  Indian Idol  is  about to end. “We are in the last four  weeks of the show. We want to wrap up the season with love and  positivity.”

    Aditya assures there is  no  pressure on judges  to  say good things about the  contestants,  “Everyone who is  giving quotes on being  persuaded to be positive  about Indian Idol contestants are colleagues and friends. Let me assure them, as long as I am hosting Indian Idol, no one here needs to praise anyone for the heck of it. Be yourself, say what you want and just come visit our show and bless us.I speak only for myself. I can’t speak on behalf of other seasons as the team / production was entirely different.”

  What plans for  the Grand Finale   of Indian Idol?  “Well,  as of now we are just glad to be back in Mumbai. Of course it comes with its own set of limitations and restrictions but we are planning a huge finale befitting   the level of talent seen and heard this season. Having all the judges back for  the finale will be great along with esteemed members of the music and film fraternity .”                 

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