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Aditya Narayan: This Is My First Diwali With My Daughter



Aditya Narayan

For  singer-anchor Aditya Narayan and his wife  Swetha this Diwali  is  extra-special. “It is our  first Diwali with our  daughter Tvisha.So it’s  a very special  occasion. Also it’s  the first  time we’re celebrating  Diwali in  our new home. So two pujas this Diwali:  the first one will be the traditional  big  puja in my parents’ home  and the second a smaller  puja in  our new home. Then there is the traditional  Diwali dinner which my Mom cooks every year for the entire family. We  will be sitting together to enjoy her cooking .”

But before the Diwali celebrations start, there is one thing Aditya  must do. “I’ve to  hit the  gym  early morning for  an intense workout  before I consume  all those calories in the evening , Thankfully my gym owner is as crazy as I am. So the gym is open on Diwali. Aur uske baad dabaa ke khayenge. Mithais  have come  from  everywhere…And I  will binge without any guilt. On Diwali I don’t restrict my intake of calories. I  recommend the same  for  everyone in  the entertainment  industry. Yaar, at least let go for one day.”

Aditya will also be spending some  “quantity time” with his father  veteran singer Udit Narayan. “Normally Dad and I don’t drink. But Diwali is  an  exception. Ek ek large banegi, and we  will  play cards  in the  night  with friends,that includes mera bachpan ka saathi Adhyayan Suman.”

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